Men: The more than Ordinary Life

I can’t speak for all women. But I know for myself, growing up was centered around what I thought women were. Wives and Mothers. Then as I got older and wanted a career, that added another thing to what life as a woman should be. The inglorious aspect of the double xx Chromosome. From the onstart on puberty I am sure most women begin to understand the weight of being a woman. All of my childhood, I was protected. There weren’t that many places I could go unsupervised, even if I was just riding my bike around the neighborhood, my upbringing had me never straying to far from home. This was not the case with my younger brother.

My brother was never really under the same strict supervision that my older sister and I had to endure. And his adolescent summers were filled with exploration. He and his posse would disappear for extended periods of times. When they finally roll up on their bikes, once asked they would explain where they went. Which was practically miles away from home. Further than I, his older sister, would think to venture even now. He had summers of exploration and adventure as a child, while I had summers of imagination and playing in the backyard. So little adventurous boys grow to be adventurous men, while cautious little girls grow to be cautious women with powerful imaginations. 

So reading the may issue of Men’s Journal had me realize that men live in their bodies, while women still live in their heads. The issue is full of adventurous deeds by men and places for adventurous men to go. It’s all about getting out there and living life. While reading women’s magazines that encourage women how to be a better girlfriend, have better sex, or how to be fashionable in things that only other women will notice and appreciate, men are out living their lives. 

So I decided to still employ my imagination, but start living in my body more. Start going out and having adventures for myself. Just stop being so “Mental” all the time and get “Physical”. What’s the point of having such mental capacity when the men we want to live with can’t even understand us? Men, the ones that are unemotional problem solvers. The “Go Getters”. Getting upset because we want to explore our feelings and the men who have been trained to do something about the things that have upset them instead whining about it looks at us blankly. They are literally “Do’ers.” They will make things happen. 


Men’s Magazine

Well, I decided to start my research into men with a look into men’s magazines. When I was at the book store today, I looked at the limited choices. “The Retired Player” had already told me to stay away from magazines that objectified women, so that put most magazines out. So when he also took away the ones that also had female advertisement, left me with only a select few. At this location, there was only Men’s Journal and GQ. He told me to get Men’s Journal unless I was trying to hook a Bisexual man. I chuckled at this, because I have another close friend that subscribes to GQ. I haven’t had a chance to really look through the magazine, but judging from the front cover, men really are from a different world. There is nothing that my highly feminine personality can relate to. So I will be reading this tonight. That is all.

Dating Tips from a Retired Player

I don’t know how to date. Considering my failed relationship and my failed attempts to start new ones. Talking to “The Retired Player” about the laughs I had when my single friends start to give me dating advice he decided to jump on the band wagon and give me some unsolicited advice as well. Here are his tips.

1. Keep working in yourself…job…culture…stuff like that

2. Pay no attention to great looking available guys around you. If any want you, it forces them to show themselves.

3. When you find out someone shares interest in you don’t sound easy!!! Women who talk about sex are easy!!! Whenever he brings up sex..CHANGE THE SUBJECT

4. NEVER EVER NEVER meet men at “dating” locations. Clubs…internet..set ups. This is where weak men, dumb men, and dicks on a stick hunt.

5. Stop spending SOOOO much time on women stuff and issues. Invest time into knowing about things that interest men. Go to the library and read men magazines that only “men” are supposed to subscribe to. Start with Men’s health. Don’t read anything with female advertising. That tells you who they are trying to reach.

6. Get dress in a way that says “I’m not hunting a man, I’m not crazy, and I’m not just for fucking.” …look like, “You are so lucky to run into me at this store because in another setting I am so far above you.”

7. Kill the make up and clubbin. Good men rate you hard on those. Seriously

8. Find a simple hair style that works for you and appeals to men, not women. So when you go someplace serious and you change your hair to a serious hair style it blows us away.

9. No man wants to feel like their girl “needs” make up. Any man who says that makeup enhances your beauty is calling you ugly.

10. Remember men are simple and shun complex crazy women.

11. Men notice class.

12. Don’t ask men questions they could lie about. You can never trust the answer. Questions like, “Does this make me look fat?”

These are all the points he hit upon today. Since I am sure the dating tips will never end until I have said “I do” I will keep you posted. But what do you think about these tips so far. Women, which of these tips are you shocked to read? Do these seem like sound advice? Men, Which ones do you agree with? Do you have more to add to the list?

Danger in Plain Sight

My mom love plants. Not flowers. Plants. And growing up my house was filled these plants. I don’t recall the name of these plants unfortunately and oddly enough this is the one time I am too lazy to google them. But I remember googling them once years ago out of curiosity. I was shocked to find out that every one of the plants in my house were poisonous. So tonight as I am watering my mother’s plants, I calmly ask, “Mom, did you know these plants are poisonous?”  And my mom’s response very matter of fact with a hint of annoyance, “Yes, I did.” At that point I was done. That is all.

Reality TV? Really? Why?

I wish the reality tv phenomenon would past already.  Is Jerry Springer the format for all these shows? It’s like make everyone, especially black people, look bad. I don’t know any positive reality tv shows. And the worst of all is Bad Girls Club. I have never watched it, but I have seen the commercials and that was enough for me. The only thing that I am still curious about this show is, are those girls put in that house for rehabilitation? If so, from the commercials they are failing horribly. I can’t believe reality tv is still so popular. It’s all staged, but it’s a staged representation of someone that is real. They aren’t fictional characters. These are real people that has let the media edit their personality to be entertainment for others. Yet it’s the person themselves that is left with the bad rep. But bad rep or not, they are still taking it to the bank.