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These days…

I find myself very obsessed with my hair. I have been natural long before the entire natural hair craze hit the african american community. I love my hair, the texture of it but I am lazy. I don’t like to take the time to style it and too many run ins with a beautician that didn’t understand the delicacy of black hair has scared me to let anyone but my mom or sister near my tresses. So I watch a bunch of do it yourself videos on youtube trying to find styles that I can do myself. But either these styles don’t look good with the shape of my face or only lasts a few days. The softness on my hair means any free hairstyles will only last one day. In high school I loved wearing an afro puff. I braided and rolled my hair every night, took it down for fabulous hair every day. Unfortunately, that hair style is not for the work place. (Sad I know). So most times I keep my hair in braid styles, which is a shame…


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