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Welcome to My World

I am new to WordPress, not blogging. I have a lot to say, but there aren’t that many people you can say everything to. I won’t even say everything here. But I will be as honest as a person can possibly be here. My other sites, show other sides to me. To be completely honest, I am just too lazy to try to import all the stuff I had there here, then the idea occurred to me to keep them separate.  Make them each explore a different facet of my personality so my few readers can get a sense of continuity to my writings. So I will continue to blog on my other sites as well.  This one being the main one that will connect them all and any future interests I may want to explore. I will let my readers here know if I post to the other sites. Which leads me to invite all my new readers to check out today’s post in my Insanity blog. Read with caution. Let’s see where this leads us all. Love Ya.


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