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Reality TV? Really? Why?

I wish the reality tv phenomenon would past already.  Is Jerry Springer the format for all these shows? It’s like make everyone, especially black people, look bad. I don’t know any positive reality tv shows. And the worst of all is Bad Girls Club. I have never watched it, but I have seen the commercials and that was enough for me. The only thing that I am still curious about this show is, are those girls put in that house for rehabilitation? If so, from the commercials they are failing horribly. I can’t believe reality tv is still so popular. It’s all staged, but it’s a staged representation of someone that is real. They aren’t fictional characters. These are real people that has let the media edit their personality to be entertainment for others. Yet it’s the person themselves that is left with the bad rep. But bad rep or not, they are still taking it to the bank.


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