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Dating Tips from a Retired Player

I don’t know how to date. Considering my failed relationship and my failed attempts to start new ones. Talking to “The Retired Player” about the laughs I had when my single friends start to give me dating advice he decided to jump on the band wagon and give me some unsolicited advice as well. Here are his tips.

1. Keep working in yourself…job…culture…stuff like that

2. Pay no attention to great looking available guys around you. If any want you, it forces them to show themselves.

3. When you find out someone shares interest in you don’t sound easy!!! Women who talk about sex are easy!!! Whenever he brings up sex..CHANGE THE SUBJECT

4. NEVER EVER NEVER meet men at “dating” locations. Clubs…internet..set ups. This is where weak men, dumb men, and dicks on a stick hunt.

5. Stop spending SOOOO much time on women stuff and issues. Invest time into knowing about things that interest men. Go to the library and read men magazines that only “men” are supposed to subscribe to. Start with Men’s health. Don’t read anything with female advertising. That tells you who they are trying to reach.

6. Get dress in a way that says “I’m not hunting a man, I’m not crazy, and I’m not just for fucking.” …look like, “You are so lucky to run into me at this store because in another setting I am so far above you.”

7. Kill the make up and clubbin. Good men rate you hard on those. Seriously

8. Find a simple hair style that works for you and appeals to men, not women. So when you go someplace serious and you change your hair to a serious hair style it blows us away.

9. No man wants to feel like their girl “needs” make up. Any man who says that makeup enhances your beauty is calling you ugly.

10. Remember men are simple and shun complex crazy women.

11. Men notice class.

12. Don’t ask men questions they could lie about. You can never trust the answer. Questions like, “Does this make me look fat?”

These are all the points he hit upon today. Since I am sure the dating tips will never end until I have said “I do” I will keep you posted. But what do you think about these tips so far. Women, which of these tips are you shocked to read? Do these seem like sound advice? Men, Which ones do you agree with? Do you have more to add to the list?


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