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He is my Reflection

I was watching the K-Drama “Lie to Me.” I love the show so much. There was this old Chinese couple on their second honeymoon, and the Husband tells the male lead that his wife was his reflection. This came back to me as I conversed with my sister today. We are both single, while watching all our friends find mates and settle down. I have to say it gets a bit hard to believe that you will find that happiness. Even worse, I have to be the one that encourages everyone to find their bliss, when I have such serious doubts for myself. It’s like I know they can find it, but I never will. But while encouraging my sister, I found myself being encouraged too.

I stopped looking for a man, because I have flawed eyes. Every man that becomes the apple of my eye is the bane of my soul. I stopped putting on a false image to go out, trying to catch a man because I want a man that I can be at home with. A man that is a reflection of me. Not the person I have to be when I am out in the world. 


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