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Dream proposal

Watching tv had me thinking about how I would like to be proposed to. That’s a possible situation that changes with every mood and person I am dating. The type of ring doesn’t really matter to me. Nor does the stone. A diamond ring is new tradition in proposing. I only care about the meaning behind the ring and yes the ring should be a physical representation of our love and hopes for our future together.

Today because of what I just watched on tv. I am beginning to broaden my scope. Why should a guy propose only with a ring. Why not any other type of jewelry? I am so open to the possibilities.  I could totally get behind the idea of being proposed to with a necklace, wrist watch, or something as extravagant and impractical as a tiara. That would add so originality to the event. Now would this make an engagement ring unnecessary.  Heck no. I still want my ring. But I can be proposed to with another piece of jewelry.


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