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Outer inward appearance s

I want a man to love me for who I am. Not for what I look like or how I appear to be. Even so I still want perfect skin. Puberty was not nice to me or my confidence. I know that even with acne and blemishes that I am still beautiful, yet the insecurity arises with each bump. I feel like no matter how pretty I am, people are going to focus on the newest pimple on my face that just had to appear before I plan to go out. Go figure. Even now I am in the pursuit of perfect skin. After most products have failed me, my latest attempts has led me to  microdermabrasion.  I saw results after the first treatment. Today was my second treatment. The results are definitely obvious. Still have two more to go. I will see how it looks after all four are done. So far it is worth the money and the pain.


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