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Family Movie Experience

I don’t know how it is watching movies with your family but for me it is the most entertaining watching things with my mom. Only when it’s something I have seen already, otherwise the commentary is too much for you to even understand the movie. Her frustration at the actions of the characters and her confusion at the story adds a new sense to the entertainment. Currently we are watching “Witchblade”. Watching my mom yell at Sara Pezzini to shoot first and ask questions later, or telling the bad guys to kill Sara because Sara is so inept at saving anyone she should save, is hilarious.

I can only laugh at my mom’s raving at the show because she is right. Sara saves no one of importance, gets everyone close to her killed because of their association and then she wants to be merciful to all the people that are out to kill her. This couldn’t have been written by anyone in our family, we are quite old school, Old testament actually. We were raised with certain mentality towards enemies and dangerous situation. We believe to nip things in the bud. Leave no room to retribution. It’s where you kill everyone that could even become a potential enemy. No use to keep looking over our shoulder or give someone the chance to get the drop on us. Although I understand my mom’s frustration, I do understand why the tv show does this. It makes for drama. It would be a very short show if the heroine went around killing all enemies proactively. But it’s still entertaining watching my mom get so upset about this. I don’t think there will ever be a more active viewer than my mom.


Now my mom has decided to watch the show on fast forward. She literally picked up the DVD remote and hit the fast forward button, saying “You watch it the way you want to watch it, and I watch it the way I want to watch it.”


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