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Where are the hunters?

I have done my research on men and I am beginning to understand them better. But my one main question is how to meet men? I have been told by “The Retired Player” to stay away from men’s hunting grounds. Places like the clubs are where men go to hunt women to screw, not to marry. But as often a man seems to think about sex, are there any settings where a man will see an attractive woman and not instantly let their mind travel to the bed?

I know what I look like. I know how to dress. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I am wearing or where I am when a man meets me. If I allow myself to be screwed then screwed I will be. Men try me, just as they try any other attractive woman. It’s up to and has always been up to the woman to set the standard. 

My one bone of contention with boys masquerading as men is how come they never approach me when I am looking my finest. I get dressed up, looking like a million and not one single guy will approach me. I see them looking, I smile at them, but not one gets up the nerve to come talk to me. I have been told since high school that I looked intimidating and mysterious. That excuse flew back then with high school boys. But now you’ve grown up, gotten a degree or two and still can’t find the muster of confidence to approach a woman that looks unapproachable. The unbelievable part is that when I am looking basic, just casual cute, I am getting stopped left and right. What’s up with that?  Is it the case that so far the men have seen me are unwilling to hunt anything that looks too hard to catch? No one’s up for a challenge anymore? 

And now “The Retired Player” has told me that men are always hunting. So what part of the forest am I in that there are no hunter’s in sight? Don’t even have to worry about dodging a spear. Where are the hunters? 


One thought on “Where are the hunters?

  1. Can totally see where you are coming from. Sometimes I am all dressed, you know the made is on, the jeans is looking fine, the hair is fluffed but nada. Not even an accidental glance . And i later when i get back up and think what a waste of time. where are the hunters?

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