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A Real Man

I have noticed that women don’t know what real men look like anymore. Every man knows about women and their infernal list of qualities that their ideal man should possess. But how many women have held that list up against a real man and asked if it added up. Did their fantasy meet reality? Then a problem that is becoming so prevalent in the black community is the women want to be in control.

They say they want a real man. But then when they start to talk about what is a real man in their eyes, they have totally emasculated the man. A man that will let her wear whatever she wants. A man that doesn’t care what time she comes home on the weekend. A man that won’t have a problem with money going to a secret account. A man that will do what I say. What real man is going to sign up for a women to take away his manhood? As a woman, has it ever occurred to you that if you get a man with no balls (the one you keep describing), you probably wouldn’t want him anyway?

I think it would better serve both sexes, that instead of describing in your head what the ideal should be. How about you figure out what your role in the relationship should be? It would stop a lot of fights before they even have the chance to start because you each know your roles and acting accordingly. You let each other operate in their domain with little crossover so there won’t be a chance for you to butt heads. 


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