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Spouse vs Parent

My sister just returned from a friend’s wedding, where the mother of the groom was very antagonistic to the bride and her family. The ugliness that this woman was casting on what should be a joyous event is appalling. This woman made it very apparent that no one, least of all the bride, was good enough for her son. Just listening to this woman’s behavior made everyone upset. But it made us wonder about how to handle a situation where your mom or family clearly dislikes your spouse, and even worse, they are very vocal about it.

My family members don’t have that much energy to meddle in each other’s lives when we each are trying to accomplishing things in our own. We would definitely say our piece at the inception, but you make your own bed. We don’t have to live with them. There are some meddling folks in everyone’s family,  still looking for the one in mines, but what do you do when that meddlesome person holds the title of parent and it seems their mission in life is to get rid of you?

The bible clearly says that a man should leave his parents and cleave to his wife for good reason Mark 10:7. But it’s a bit hard to break away from the possibly bitter harpings of a parent when most of your life you went to them for guidance and advice. But it must be done if your relationship is to survive. But how to handle that?

I couldn’t see myself with a person that my mom truly dislikes for valid reasons. But I also wouldn’t let my mom’s unfounded bias ruin a good thing.  I would stand up for my man and my relationship because that is what I should do. In no way should my man have to have words with my mom just so those family loyalties could rear its head when I hear of it. And he should do the same if the situation were reversed. It should remain ever present in our heads that we are each other’s spouse and it needs to be said that the position does supercedes that of parent.


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