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Dream Man

I have a dream man. And his appearances changes nightly based on my mood. Sometimes he looks like Jesse Williams, Anthony Mackie, Lee Min Ho, Chris Wu or my favorite Oguri Shun. But no matter what face he has, his personality remains constant for the most part. He’s charming, a bit of a playboy, stubborn, reserved, mysterious, observant, athletic, closed off but giving, confident not cocky, a little dangerous but protective, and romantic. He does everything in my dreams that I want him to do. He does make little mistakes in dreams to add spice and drama to my dreams. But even his mistakes are perfect. He is everything that I want him to be and above all I am everything he wants. 

But there is also another component to my dream world. The very most important part. Me. In my dream world, I am also a dream version of perfection. I am innocent with a hint of spice, charming, shy, powerful or any other mix of personalities I want to explore for the sake of my dream world. I build the story and people based off my mood and for my entertainment. I control it all. I like it. But I wake up. Every morning, happy and refreshed. Sometimes, I wish to sleep longer because my dream hadn’t had the chance to reach it’s resolution. But it’s a dream, and I can always continue it the next night if I am in the mood. However my dream man always stays in my dreams. And you guys should feel lucky cause this is the first time I have ever mentioned this to anyone, but I needed to prove a point.

I don’t really place any importance in my dreams other than the fact that they represent the desires that we may or may not have been so honest with ourselves about. I don’t for the simple fact that I am a lucid dreamer. I am always aware that I am dreaming and that I control my dream. I always have exerted that control too. Never had a nightmare because whenever anything unpleasant shows up, I simply change the channel. So my dreams stay where they belong. In my bed, for nightly entertainment.

However not everyone is like me. I hear about crazy women getting angry at their spouse for whatever they did wrong in their dreams. I was laughing so hard when I heard that on the radio the other day. Forget about him not matching up to the unrealistic dream guy in your head, we now fault him for what he does in our dreams? The fact that there are women that wake up mad at their spouse because of something he did in their dream is ridiculous. Now it seems that women have lost the ability to tell the difference between dreams and reality. I am mad about this because this makes me as a woman look bad. Men already have enough trouble understanding us and living up to our ideals without us adding insanity into the mix. Who will want to live with that? I wouldn’t.

How many men have run into this? How do you respond to this insanity? Women, how do you keep such insanity out of your relationship? 


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