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Mission Unicorn Impossible

Let’s face it. There are way more good women in the world than there are good men. That’s without even getting racially specific. Looking for a successful, single black man that’s husband material without kids, attractive and wants to marry a black woman is like looking for a unicorn. Especially these days when most are throwing marriage out the window.

It’s one thing knowing what you want. It’s another thing after looking for it for years and not finding it. The older I get, the more I start to question if what I want is unrealistic. Can all those qualities be found in one man?  But removing anything from the list feels like giving up and settling for less.  It is really like looking for a mythical creature. We believe in it without any evidence. 

The lastest discussion among my single gal friends is the unicorn of men. We ask should we just forget about being attracted to our husbands and get a man that is a good provider. That we should whore around with all the sexy-not-about-anything men until we are ready to settle down. Then get a man that at least won’t make life unbearable outside the bedroom.  Or should we get the man we are attracted to but adds nothing to our lives except the physical delight. To me, both are unbearable.

I couldn’t see myself with a man that I am not attracted to, even if he is well established, a good man, etc. This man would only ever be my friend. And the idiot that is good for little more than sex is a waste of time. I can’t tie myself to someone with no vision or capabilities.  I want a man. Not a child to take of. Accuse me of being greedy. But the ones that ask for much and chase after it determinedly seem to get everything they want and more.

So I want the unicorn. But while you’re laughing at me saying it doesn’t exist, I will continue to wait and believe. I have faith that God will bless me with what I want. I know this for the simple fact that God will withhold no good thing from me. And I do believe that a good man is a good thing. It’s not unicorn impossible.

Side note for my fellow aspiring christians. The unicorn is mentioned nine times in the bible.



10 thoughts on “Mission Unicorn Impossible

  1. OH MY Dear God, your still going for a ready made, how about putting in some work.
    I say the amount of good men and women is about equal, I blame media and the fairytale you women are sold for your blinders.

    • That’s not ideal. If a woman starts to raise her man, she will get stuck in that authorative mindset. And once he reaches that point where he can lead. He will have to leave her after all her hard work to find a woman that will submit to him. She will be so use to be in charge and handling things she won’t trust him to be a goid leader. I don’t mind putting in work. But the only work a woman can put in is to help him achieve his goals. Not help him to be a man. He makes that decision on his own. Men should not be coddled

      • its not raising its filling in the blanks. Haven’t you ever been in a relationship, a friendship where your guy friend didn’t know certain things about women, oh yes you have, me. With your dude, your going to have to teach him the ways of D.Viscotti.

      • That’s ready made. You would set up a lot of women to be used by saying put in some work. I don’t mind a fixer upper, but I am not signing on for a made from scratch project type of man.

      • And teaching a person how to love you it basic for every relationship and is not what’s on the list. The list it the blue print. The house. The things it must have for it to be what you want. Everything else like furniture. The things that makes it comfortably livable.

    • Not all married women are in successful marriages. Some have only succeeded in getting to “I do”. I could have been married ages ago if marriage was all I am after. I want a successful marriage. And like a business plan you must sit down and write what is necessary to make it successful. Hence the list.

  2. No, you’re right; there are good guys out there, but they’re not always the ones we’re attracted to. Should women have to settle for a less-than-attractive or less-than-interesting guy because we want someone who’s responsible and won’t cheat?
    I’d rather be single.
    There are plenty of awful women out there as well as awful men, but the fact is that it’s tough to find a nice guy who’s also attractive, interesting, confident, and not clingy.
    After that it’s hard to find a guy that awesome who’s interested in you specifically.

    • That’s so true about finding the awesome guy that wants you in return. A lot of guys seem to balk at the list. I am not sure if it’s because it really is unrealistic or they just want you to lower your standard because they don’t want to try to meet it. If the first I can pray about my wants tk make sure it’s God’s will. If the latter, he can shove it. Even without the list he wouldn’t be good enough. Because the list applies to men. Not boys.

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