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Signs of Affection Intro

I have been thinking about love languages lately. Everyone seem to have their special love language. Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. To each of us, one of these is our primary love language. I wonder about this. I read about all the love languages. I see myself liking and wanting them all when I am in a relationship. But the one that I long for the most seems to stem from childhood. It’s the one way I didn’t receive love from my parents the most while growing up. So naturally, my mate needs to fill that lacking area.

Not implying that a person’s parents did wrong or didn’t do enough. It’s just that things can slip through the cracks at times. Life can get in the way. So the child grows up and that unfulfilled area of love becomes the one they most desire in relationship. Things can crop up along the way to make their need greater or add more areas that need attention. So I am going to examine my own emotional needs. So in no particular order lets learn about the language of love.


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