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Signs of Affection Part 2.2

On Quality Time, which sex do you think needs it the most? I have been doing research on men in order to try to better understand them. This research has led me to think that Q.T. is much more important to men. Women, natural multitaskers, should probably more forgiving when Q.T is not where it should be. However we will always remember that men, who seem capable of focusing on only one thing at a time, is probably not listening at all when they are doing something else at the same time. I think this is when you should wait for his attention and if he never finds time, move on to someone else that does have more time for you.

Men, instinctively leaders and head of household, would not look kindly on a woman he is dating not listening to him. It undermines his masculinity when his woman is dismissive of him. A man must feel like the king of his domain. The Authority. Respected. I am sure everyone has had that one teacher growing up where the students didn’t respect them. They constantly had to call in assistance from another to keep things in order. Someone with authority. However men won’t call in someone else to handle their woman. They will just get another woman.

I really want my strong black women to understand this. We have such a hard time accepting this because we haven’t had too many examples of men to respect in our lives. But we must understand that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. It takes nothing away from you to let the man wear his crown. Absolutely nothing. Especially because a good woman is his crown. Without you, he is just another man. 


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