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Signs of Affection Part 4

Gifts. Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? Everyone likes a tangible representation of your affection. For some people it’s the price tag, but for most it’s the thought that counts. My sister loves to give gifts. She is very creative with her hands, so for gifts you can bet on something hand made. It’s so good, she really should be selling them in stores. But she took the practical career and became a scientist. 

For me, how important is a gift? I am going to have to be honest that I don’t really place importance on regular gifts. Unless it’s a big show attached or some special meaning from a holiday, they are just things. Not that I don’t appreciate them, but my upbringing has made it expected. I shop all the time, buying things for myself and my loved ones. The same goes for the other women in my family. We buy things all the time for each other, some are necessary and others are wants. That’s just how we did things in my family. But when it comes to making each other feel special we often get our hands dirty.

Like this past year for my sister’s birthday I produced a video about her life and her accomplishments to this point. My sister has gotten a portrait of us painted as a gift when I crossed Zeta. It’s really the meaning and memories that these items have that make them important to each of us. I do know that to some people, gifts are the world to them. It’s not that for me that are not needed, but they aren’t needed as often as the ones who speak this love language. 


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