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Signs of Affection Part 5

The fact that people could make words of affirmation their primary love language in these days is dangerous. Anyone that will let the words out of another person’s mouth carry the weight of their happiness deserves the crash back to earth when that person’s words prove false. The most ironic part is that this is the one I speak in the most. I like words. I love the many ways you can string words together to give new meaning. I love saying the right things and hearing the right things. But I also don’t trust people at their words. For this you can thank my father. It sounds all nice when you say it, but I will believe it when I see. 

I like well spoken men. They must be eloquent. My esteem of a person is directly proportional to how impressive their diction is. He could flatter me all he wants but if his vocabulary is the equivalent of an 8th grader’s, please keep it moving. He needs to be able to understand what I am saying in order for us to communicate. Actions don’t always speak louder than words. Some people aren’t that observant. People often have misunderstandings even when speaking to each other so just imagine the misunderstandings from just actions when they are reading whatever they want into it. Both are necessary.


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