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Signs of Affection Outro

So there you have it. The signs of affection and how they relate to me. I think they are all necessary in a healthy relationship. There isn’t one that I would say I could do completely without. Just that one is definitely going to stand out from the rest the most. It’s important for you to understand your love language and learn the love language of the person you love. You both need to be willing to please each other for your relationship to be healthy and lasting.

I challenge you to figure out your love language. Make a list. Put them in order preference. If you are in a relationship, try to list your partners love language in order. Then ask them to write their list and one for you then trade. See how close you came to matching their list and they came to matching yours. Talk about it. Give examples of what touches you the most and get some from them. Then comes the most important part. Start doing it if you hadn’t been doing so. Make it your priority to  please each other. If you have been doing so kudos to you, keep it up tiger.


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