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Addicted to Sexy

Men think about sex often. Studies have proven it. Studies have also proven that women think mostly about being alluring. We spend lots of time and money just to be sexy. Sometimes the thought extends to the bedroom, but most times that’s only when we are thinking about lingerie. The times women think about the actual act of sex pales in comparison to men. So I am going to give men some reasons to be more appreciative of how woman looks in clothes, not just out of them.

We get our beauty rest. We exercise to stay fit. We shop for hours looking for that perfect outfit to make ourselves irresistible.  We buy make up. We learn how to put on make up. We learn how to walk in high heels. We wear uncomfortable shoes so our look will be complete. We process, primp, burn and cut our hair for you.  We shave, I put this on the cleanliness list for myself but there are some women that only do it for men.

The amount of effort that women put into looking good for their men should be applauded and rewarded. That means show her off. Take her places that she can put to use all those clothes that she spent hours shopping around for. Give compliments. Say she looks nice if she looks nice. Tell her that she makes you look good. Show her that you are proud to have her on your arm.  That’s one of the things that women love most. A man that is proud of his woman.


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