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Family Fun in the Sun???

The summer brings nice weather, holidays, barbecues, parties, and vacations. It feels like there is more time in one day just because the sun stays out longer, but it’s still only twenty-four hours long. However, we seem to become better at managing our time during these few months in order to do more of what we want and see more of who we want.  The one thing that we seem to get more of in the summer is family fun time. Sometimes it’s a good thing and others not so much.  My father is really big on taking a family vacation now that we are all grown. He wants to go to Las Vegas. The thing is, I doubt I would be willing to spend much time around my father now that I am grown when out of town.

Of course there are those family friendly activities such as going to restaurants and city tours, but I’m a 20-something single female. Going around with my old daddy in the city of sin is going to be a serious cramp on my style. What man is going to walk up to a woman with her father standing around her? I don’t know many, if any. This is the main reason why my father should have gotten all the family trips out of the way when we were younger. But he didn’t because the wife and kids cramped his style. Now that the roles have reversed I don’t have too much sympathy for him.



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