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That thing men do… I really hate it

I couldn’t tell you if I am scarred from my last relationship or not but I do know that it has left it’s mark, both good and bad. I learned something. I learned the part of men that I really don’t like. It’s this part that has me unwilling to get into a relationship again. I think it’s pretty much a sure thing that I will go from single to engaged as far as FB statuses go. I don’t know about for other women, but the part of men that I hate is their string along gene. It’s seems to be in their genetic make-up to string along the girl they are with until they have found their replacement. 

To us women, it looks like he just woke up one day wanting someone else. While we are heartbroken and healing, they seemed to have gotten over us in one night. The reality is that they moved on months ago in their heart but didn’t give you the notice so you can do the same. Now they are walking around town, traveling, posting pics of the new girl on FB while you are the chick that seems unwilling to let go.

This is the part of my ex that made me close to hating him. It wasn’t finding out about the cheating. I can forgive that. It was the thought that he went through the motions with me while I was being sincere. He literally led me on. Make me want to quote Lady Macbeth and ask “Are you a Man?” You can’t say one simple line, “Sorry, but my heart is not in this anymore.” Yes it hurts. But I think most women would agree that they would prefer that ending to the infidelity, or being replaced.

Why do men do this? Are they really just being selfish assholes that want to use women for all they got until that woman is fed up and leaves? Or is this some misguided attempt at sparing our feelings? Get real, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Make a clean break.  


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