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Friends in need

We all have them. Needy friends. Friends that need our time, our advice, our emotional support. We give of ourselves gladly. But let money enter the equation and you may end up saying goodbye to a friend. I have learned four things when it comes to friends in need and money.

The first is never sign your name to anything. I have watched others go through some real troubles because of this. The second is to be very mindful when loaning money. Not that you can’t loan it, but remember that the chances of them giving the money back to you before you are in need of it is very slim. So only loan what you can do without for a certain period of time. The third and almost most important thing to do when doing favors that involve money is Get your money up front. They are your friend so they have seen your quality of work. Most likely you have already cut them a super deal on how much you charge anyway. It doesn’t do well for friendships for you to have to become a bill collector with your friends. 

Finally, the most important thing about friends in need. Look at them and their situation before you start bending over backwards for them. Everyone has at least one friend that is a user. They will ask of you things that they wouldn’t do for you if the roles were reversed. Not saying they aren’t your friend. Just saying they aren’t going to allow themselves to be used. Think about what your friend is asking you. Is it something that only you with your skill set can do? If not, are they orphans? Is there no one in their family capable of doing what thy ask you? If there is, why aren’t they asking their family? It is a huge red flag when someone’s family refuses to help them. It’s possible that your friend has used them to the point where they no longer want to help.

Help your friends, but there are always people that will take advantage. Wisdom is necessary in all relationships.


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