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Cougars, why the world would be better without them

I know logically that the decline in marriage and the rise in divorce has put plenty of old women that should be settled in life on the dating market. But it seems the trend for these women now is to date younger men. I know that a part of me is saying let them live their life however they want. The dominant side of me says, hell no. Their lifestyle is having as much of an impact on my life as the guy who decides to get behind the wheel after too many drinks. Don’t I have enough to compete with already? Other women, slightly younger women, men and now women old enough to be the guy they are dating mother. It’s enough to make me want to shave my head and become a monk.

I am going to have to tell these women how they are impacting the young single women. First thing’s first. You have already lived your life seriously so now you want something light and without longevity or responsibility.  You get these boys to entertain you in your old age making them think this is how a relationship should be, one without a future or responsibility.  Cause that’s exactly what it is. The chances of you having kids are slim, you’ve probably done that already. Marriage? You’ve done that too. Growing old together? We all know that’s not happening. So when they try to date younger women again, it’s impossible for them to reconcile with  the expectations that a younger woman has. You weren’t trying to build your life, a younger woman is.

Secondly, why aren’t you playing around with men your own age? Truth is, this is a power play. With younger guys, you’re in control, the aggressor. Older men know the game and won’t be played with. You’ll end up getting played. And you won’t have that. You want to lead the boy around by his nose until you’re bored and trade in for a newer model.

Lastly, responding to a comment from a cougar on “The New Ricki Lake Show” you don’t want to raise a grown man that is your own age. The fact that you would rather deal with a younger man that doesn’t have his life together is just as silly. You are still dealing with grown men that wants “momma” to take care of him and you’re the stupid that lined up for it in exchange for some dick. How about examine why you are so attracted to these “men” that don’t have it together?

And where does this leave me in this world full of cougars? With the dating market flooded with guys that don’t want marriage, kids and wants to be taken care of by a woman.  Women need to accept responsibility in this world we helped create. If more women wouldn’t accept anything less than a MAN, there would be more MEN in the world.


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