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The real reason I need a man

More than the sex and constant companionship there is a reason that I really need a man. That reason is physical labor. Not saying he would just be a servant for heavy lifting but that’s why I need a man in my life.

I am laying here in my bed covered practically head to toe in medicated icy hot pads. Then I think to myself that it would be really nice to have man that would jump at the chance to massage my sore and aching body.

Better yet, he could be the one doing all the physical stuff that leaves my body aching.  Stuff like taking out the trash. Moving the furniture around so I can clean. Reaching the high spots so I won’t fall off the stool and hurt myself. Opening that stubborn jar that is determined to give me carpal tunnel. Then we can take turns giving each other massages. As long as I come first on days I teach my dance class.


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