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Love is…ch. 1

Before I start to go into what Love is, it is important that I tell you what love is not. The seed that causes much confusion in our heads about love is that love is an emotion. When we start to look at love as something that we choose to do and not an emotion, our understanding of love broadens. Why do we associate love with such a weak thing as our feelings in the first place?

We wake up in the morning happy. Someone says a mean word, or does something to make us sad or angry. Then we cry or do something to change our feelings back to happy ones. Plans go wrong so disappointment sets in. Meet a new interesting person and euphoria takes over. Do we really want something as fickle as the wind to be something with which we make important life decisions? Putting Love in the same category with such weak things as our emotions is a serious mistake.

Love makes us feel things but just because it makes us feel does not make it an emotion. The world is filled with things that touches our senses but because love is intangible we want to place it our feelings. So does that make all intangible things an emotion?


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