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Dancing is a must

I went to my school’s homecoming this pass weekend. The homecoming events were more than lacking. But the parties I attended were hot. So Friday night as the liquor started to affect this lightweight, my rear end bumped into a guy as I got up from my table. He used this incident to introduce himself. It was cute. We chatted for a bit then he asked me to dance. Now even though I was concerned about my tipsy status. I still said yes.

He lead me out on the floor and we started to dance. Now I must admit that since most guys seem to only come to the club to stand around a drink, I am used to dancing with other women. And being the Fred Astair/Gregory Hines protégé that I am, I usually take the lead when stepping with other women. This guy was not having any of that.  He said quite respectfully, “you’re going to have to let me lead.” I was impressed and decided to see what he could do. Well, I will tell you. He spun me and dipped me! Yes, ladies and gents. He dipped me.

That is a big thing because only the most confident dancers will attempt a dip with a new partner. Needless to say. He was able to walk away with my number that night. So guys if you’re hunting in the club scene, dance with your prey. Your work becomes that much easier.


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