I’d rather you say “no”

I’d rather you say “no”
Than to hear cursed complaints
Dripping from yours lips.

I didn’t want to ask,
I needed to. But you
Didn’t have to say “yes.”

Just because I needed,
Didn’t obligate you to do
What you truly didn’t want to.

Every word uttered afterwords
Shows your unwilling heart,
Making me feel worse than I did
For being in need in the first place.

I’d rather you say “no.”
Trust that you aren’t the
Only one that can aide me.

Trust that I would be grateful,
Elated even, that you said so
Than for me to be on the recieving
End of your begrudging help.

I’d rather you say “no”
And not harden my heart
Against you by your grousing.

I’d rather you say “no”
And leave the chance for the one
That can say and truly mean “Yes”

Just know that no matter
If you say no or give your
unwilling help, I won’t be asking
You for help ever again.

And hope that you are never in
Need yourself. Others will
Likely be as willing to help
You as you were to help them.