Love Rival Calamity

I am obsessed with Asian Dramas. They entertain me simply and usually last only 1 season. I love that I get to see my character get their happy ending after a few months of watching. So unlike American TV Shows where after a few seasons, the original love plot has morphed beyond redemption and the characters usually end up with someone other than the guy you were hoping they got when you fell in love with the show on the first episode. Asian dramas have their flaws too. The plots are sometimes so unrealistic that it’s impossible to continue or they make the love rival so endearing to the audience you want the main character to end up with the rival instead. Which brings me to “Substitute Princess.”

The plot is so ridiculous that I watch it purely just to see the sexy Chris Wu exude such manly territorial behavior in an understated gentlemanly fashion that puts me in awe of his acting ability. I mean, he looks good. REAL GOOD. His being able to make such a silly story watchable to me is amazing, and when he does the slow sexy “I’m trying not to smile but can’t help it” smile. My heart does flip flops and butterflies escape with jet packs to the sound of sweet music. So here I am hoping the writers will realize they made him too endearing and charismatic to the audience for him not to get the girl. Yet it’s 13 episodes in and they are holding on to the ridiculous concept that they can bring the audience back to wanting to see Da Hua with Guan Jun instead of the irresistible Terry(Chris Wu). I don’t see it happening. I am just going to continue watching Chris Wu’s endearing performance until the story becomes so ridiculous that I can’t continue. Chris Wu has totally stolen the show.

My advice to writers is to try to avoid the Love Rival Calamity. Love triangles are entertaining, but they serve the purpose to bring the true love interest to his senses before missing out on a good thing. When you make the love rival so awesome that the true love interest pales in comparison, it’s hard for the audience to understand why the girl in the middle doesn’t have a change of heart. In reality, she would, especially after liking a guy for more than 20 years and he didn’t start to like her until after she had plastic surgery.