The World Was Watching

The world was watching as America had it’s civil war. The world was watching as America had it’s Civil right movement. The world was watching as time after time it was proven that being black in America was not a good thing. The world was watching as the leaders of the so called “free world” continued to oppress a community that comprises a significant part of it’s country. The world just watched as a young boy was stalked on his way home and ended up dead. The world just watched the justice system of America let his killer go free. The world just watched as this new precedent was established. The world watched as a person can be on record as stalking a person, disobeying the orders from police dispatcher to stop following a kid, end up killing killing the child and in a court of his peers be acquitted of murder because he was “standing his ground”. Couldn’t this have all been avoided if he had done as the police told him? Just for disobeying police orders shouldn’t he be more suspect? ┬áThe world watched as the debate rose once again, would this person go free if his victim hadn’t been black. Would he have been acquitted if he had been black himself? The world was watching. What is our story teaching the world about us? What has America become in the eyes of those watching? Why is the world only watching?