God’s Silence

Today, I read something from a friend that made me cry. I am often accused of being tactless and saying thoughtless things by one of my loved ones. It hurts that this person thinks this way about me especially when they say that my words are hurtful and life damaging. It hurts because he only focuses on the pain my words brought him intead of thinking about the truth.

It throws me for a loop every time he brings it up because he really has no idea how careful I am of my words, especially with him. If he only knew all the things that would come out of my mouth if I was as thoughtless as he sees me. I don’t see how he doesn’t see me as mean and evil considering the fact that instant messaging is our main source of communication. Yes, sometimes people can say things without much fore thought but writing takes a bit more thought. I don’t know how it is possible for an educated person to write something without thinking about how it will be received. 

All this made me think about a question I had early in my youth. Why doesn’t God speak verbally with people anymore? I though about the answer to that question again today. God’s words will always ring with truth and love. However, truth is painful and the pain often drowns out the love. Rather than continuing to speak truth that people will not receive positively and being unable to lie or overlook it, God chose to be silent.

I am starting to see that a period of silence is what’s going to happen in this friendship. I love this person but the place he is at is making him take everything I say as a personal attack. I will always be his friend and when truth can once again be spoken between us our friendship will resume as if there was no time apart. He will continue to be in my prayers the same way I will be in his.

I know exactly which of my words hurt you recently. I apologize for the pain but I stand by the truth of my words. I admit that my tone was very sharp but I have been trying softly for months to get you to step out of your comfort zone. I really don’t want you to make the same mistakes and in my effort to protect you from yourself, I am hurting you more. I realize now that you just aren’t ready. I can’t see the traps and pitfalls in your way, not warn you and still call myself your friend.



I have to admit that in this world of instant gratification most have lost the art of anticipation when it comes to dating. For most it just comes down to teasing. Teasing is a very dangerous game though. A game that can end up horribly for women when they tease the wrong person. I am talking about the build up of excitement that you get when you know something is going to happen, but you don’t know when, where, or how. This is something that we should try to add to our relationships. When I say we, I mean women. Women need to learn to let men lead us and realize that anticipation is a good thing.

Anticipation is much more effective and healthier in a relationship than teasing. Teasing causes a constant roller-coaster of hope and disappointment. That constant dangling of the carrot that is just out of reach is frustrating. No one will put up with that. Either give it to me or don’t. That’s the bottom line. However anticipation comes from an understanding of each other without any verbal confirmation.

It’s like being alone in the room with the person you’re attracted to all while knowing that he’s attracted to you just as much. Neither of you have talked up sex or even the idea of getting physical with each other, but you know what each other are thinking. And yes, it’s going to happen. You don’t know when, how or if it will even be that night.  You just know when all the conditions come together you will be swept away. And the anticipation of this is as thrilling as the actual event taking place. Not talking about it adds mystery to it, and with a little mystery you have romance. Teasing and anticipation goes way beyond the physical as well. (I do think teasing in a sexual way while in a healthy relationship is perfectly okay to add some spice)

Dating is a thrilling dance that teaches a woman to trust and rely on her partner to take the lead.  I know that I can’t stand hesitation and indecision in a man. So when I see it in a man that I am attracted to, I find myself dangling that carrot in front of him to lead him where I need him to go. It’s just that once, he starts feeling confident and wants to take the lead, the chances of me letting him do so are low because he has already let me build the habit of being in charge.

So how about us single gals and pals try something when we start dating again. Gals, I want you to let the anticipation build. Stand back and let him take the lead. Watch how he handles situations. Give encouragement and if asked give and opinion that if helpful without making him lazy. Pals, take the lead in a gentlemanly way that garners trust. when it comes to dates, make a plan and follow through. Make a decision about something. We know you want to take us into consideration, but women are trying to see your leadership capabilities. You can’t be the head of their life if they feel like they are making all the choices. you are just a partner then that will be left when a more powerful man appears. 


I Do until I Don’t

I found out some news today that made me cry. A friend of mines is getting divorced. I can’t express how much I really was hoping that they would work things out. Even while knowing the improbability of that with them residing in two different states, I was hoping for a miracle. I was hoping that they would both come to their senses, realize the errors of their ways and reconcile. I can only imagine what they are going through now. After a few years of being together, they realize they want to spend the rest of their lives together and get married. After a few years of marriage, they realize that they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives together and get divorced. It doesn’t make sense to me. What did years of marriage reveal that years of courtship didn’t for them to change their minds? Having never been married, I have no personal experiences to compare the life of marriage to. However, I have dated a man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I can compare the self awareness of their situation to mines, just that theirs came after saying “I do.”

It may be the writer in me that makes me very analytic, but throughout the course of my last relationship, I analysed everything. My best friend said I was being too analytical and I needed to go with the flow more. I am so glad I disregarded that advice. Going with the flow would have never made me ask the questions that I needed to ask of a man that I was considering spending the rest of my life with. Not just questions of him, but questions of myself. The best question that a person can ask themselves while considering marriage is “If this person never changes, could you spend the rest of your life with them?” 

Often times we find ourselves being attracted to a person’s potential. We do like the person they are, but the potential they have is an irresistible allure.  No one is perfect, but everyone has the potential to be close to someone’s ideal of perfection. The person that shows the most potential to grow into our ideal is usually the one we find our hearts settling on. The unfortunate part is that, a person needs to be willing to become what you want. No matter how much they care about you, if they are unwilling to be the person you need them to be, you won’t go very far.  

When I asked myself this question in my last relationship, I knew it was over. I had already invested years into it without much improvement. It always came back to the one thing that I needed that he was unwilling to give. This is why a journal comes in handy. Going back over how many times I was discontent about the same things showed that progress was not being made. I knew that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with this. Did it mean that I stopped loving him? No. It simply meant that I became aware that he would never be the person I needed. 

It’s not just about their character flaws. It’s also about the things that you need for them to do for you in order for you to feel loved. Affection and Love are two different emotions. Affection is much easier to communicate. It’s light and fresh. Doesn’t take much commitment to show it either. You show it as the mood hits you. Love? Not so easy. That’s why so many fail in showing it. It doesn’t matter what excuses a person gives you as to why they aren’t giving you what you need. The end result is still the same. You don’t feel loved. It’s obvious that a person should leave a loveless situation. I just wish the awareness of their situation happened before saying “I do.” Or maybe it did, but they both were trying to force the issue instead of moving on. 

Love is…ch. 2

Have you ever looked at someone and just knew that if only they would do the things you needed and asked for, your life together would be perfect. That if only they would recognize all the things you are willing to do for them and hope they would reciprocate?  Love is doing those things. When you understand that it’s truly about pleasing the other person that’s when you begin to love.

We can go on all day about what isn’t love. We know from the first glance when something isn’t love. But we have to search deeper to see what Love is. There’s a reason why you can’t say you Love someone without having done something to show it. That’s because love is about action. Yes, plenty of people have abused this knowledge to the point where people are afraid to act out of love but it is necessary.

We are not mind readers, we only have what a person says and does to determine how they feel about us. The wisest people I know will always look to the actions before they believe a person’s words. This is why it is important to know a person’s love language so you can speak to them in the way that touches them most.

We can’t be self centered in love. Being self centered makes it impossible to see the needs of the other person. This leads us to doing only those things which we would do for oursleves. And although those things will make them feel special, it won’t make them feel loved if that’s not what they want. Then you will find yourself sitting alone asking “What more do they want from me?”, over something as simple as holding their hand as you walk down the street.

It’s simple things like these that we overlook and bypass in making grand gestures to show how much we care. Looking from the eyes of a person that wants the simple intimacy, how would it look to them when you keep denying them something that simple? Even with all those grand gestures, you still failed to give them what they truly wanted. Something that seems so easy when compared to the other stuff. So it shouldn’t be surprising when they say they don’t feel like you love them. In all honesty, you haven’t done anything to make them feel loved, have you?

So with this, I ask readers to observe their partners. Truly get to know them. Only by knowing them can you know how to please them. It’s really that simple.

Love is…ch. 1

Before I start to go into what Love is, it is important that I tell you what love is not. The seed that causes much confusion in our heads about love is that love is an emotion. When we start to look at love as something that we choose to do and not an emotion, our understanding of love broadens. Why do we associate love with such a weak thing as our feelings in the first place?

We wake up in the morning happy. Someone says a mean word, or does something to make us sad or angry. Then we cry or do something to change our feelings back to happy ones. Plans go wrong so disappointment sets in. Meet a new interesting person and euphoria takes over. Do we really want something as fickle as the wind to be something with which we make important life decisions? Putting Love in the same category with such weak things as our emotions is a serious mistake.

Love makes us feel things but just because it makes us feel does not make it an emotion. The world is filled with things that touches our senses but because love is intangible we want to place it our feelings. So does that make all intangible things an emotion?

Love is…Intro

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends…” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 ESV.

I have had an obsession with understanding love that began during my last relationship. I prayed  once asking God to show me what love is.  I had lived a lifetime and realized that I didn’t know what love is. Ironic isn’t it? I, who grew up in church, had to ask what love is. Looking back it saddens me that I even had to utter that prayer. Unknowingly admitting that I did not know God just by saying that.  I am very glad that I did pray because by doing so I showed that I was ready and willing to be shown my own ignorance. The revelations that I have gained since praying that prayer is astounding. It has made me into a better person, a better friend, sister, daughter and Christian. It has strengthened my relationships all the way around.

So I this time I am going to focus on what Love is. It is what it is. I will share what was revealed to me and probably some of the sad memories that brought on these revelations. So I hope everyone enjoys my “Love is…” series.

“Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8 ESV

The real reason I need a man

More than the sex and constant companionship there is a reason that I really need a man. That reason is physical labor. Not saying he would just be a servant for heavy lifting but that’s why I need a man in my life.

I am laying here in my bed covered practically head to toe in medicated icy hot pads. Then I think to myself that it would be really nice to have man that would jump at the chance to massage my sore and aching body.

Better yet, he could be the one doing all the physical stuff that leaves my body aching.  Stuff like taking out the trash. Moving the furniture around so I can clean. Reaching the high spots so I won’t fall off the stool and hurt myself. Opening that stubborn jar that is determined to give me carpal tunnel. Then we can take turns giving each other massages. As long as I come first on days I teach my dance class.